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Have you ever felt like everything was out of whack? Or maybe life is pretty good, but the dry cleaner wrecked your favorite top and your dog just threw up on the rug. Well, you're not alone. At some point, most of us feel a bit off balance in body and mind.

Too often, we turn to quick fixes to get our lives and bodies back on track. We promise ourselves... I’ll drink less coffee and less wine (insert sad face emoji). I’ll work out every day, two times a day for a week. I'll go on a juice detox and deprive myself of real food. We try out new trends, overwhelming and overloading ourselves. But we can’t keep it up, so we end up going back to old habits.

I learned firsthand that you can’t force balance. For 13 years, I lived a super-fast life in corporate sales. Bouncing from city to city, time zone to time zone, my days and my body felt off kilter more often than not.

My first indoor cycling class changed all of that. As I rode to the beat, I found myself getting lost in the music, tuning out the world outside and reconnecting with myself. When I was on the bike, I could just BE.

It’s true, indoor cycling is one of the most effective forms of exercise, and also one of the most forgiving. It whips your body, heart and lungs into shape, and it’s friendly on your joints too. But there’s more to it than that. Riding in rhythm with other people is like a dance. It’s contagious and fun. You get swept up in the music, and find yourself working way harder than you would alone. Yet, somehow, you still have those private moments where you can drop in and connect with yourself.

This is what MOJO is all about. We don’t do “knock ’em down, drag ’em out” competition. We do connection. Connecting riders with each other and themselves, inspiring them to pedal faster and push harder than ever before.

Ready to get your life in rhythm? All it takes is a few good rides.

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