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Rider Spotlight: Meet Ernest!

Meet Ernest! You can find him crushing class in the front row and proudly reppin' a tattoo of our logo on his back. He's the go-to hype man in class and always ready to take on a challenge. We asked Ernest what MOJO means to him and TBH we are all a little misty eyed from his reply, so while we reach for the tissues, please read:


"A little over a year and a half ago my best friend (Lauren) was looking for a gym, and so we started taking classes together.

I can not give Lauren enough credit for shifting my perspective and making me fall in love with MOJO. I think we were both in kind of a dark place with Covid restrictions, drinking too much, eating unhealthy food, and generally not taking care of ourselves. Lauren was the one that insisted we make a change. She is an absolute monster in the gym, I never would have done two classes in a row if not for her. The only way to keep up was to reprioritize everything in my life, I started looking at MOJO the way I had approached marathons.

So much of what I love about running I realized exists at MOJO. It's the tension between doing something unpleasant and euphoric. It's competitive but you want everyone to succeed. It's getting up at 4am and driving blurry eyed to the gym because you know everyone is expecting you to be there. Most importantly it is a dynamic, challenging, insanely fun, low impact, full body workout that has improved every aspect of my life.

I've always been somewhat athletic, but never comfortable with the way I looked. Running can make you thin, but not well proportioned. In the year and a half I've been dedicated to MOJO my body has transformed to the point where I can be unselfconsciously shirtless in front of the most beautiful people in Kansas City.

There are so many things I love about MOJO. The individualized character of the different instructor's classes keeps things fresh and exciting. The way just about any music can fit the program (though independent rock from the late 90's is my favorite). The balance of strength and endurance. I love the familiar faces. I love how much the instructors love MOJO."


Ernest - We ❤️ you too. Thanks for being part of this community.


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