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Reasons to Love Indoor Cycling

At MOJO we are all about community, riding together to the beat of the music and providing you with a great workout experience that leaves you feeling confident. Heck, you might even be willing to admit that you had fun during a tough workout too. But - we might be a little biased about how much we love indoor cycling, so here are 5 reasons for you to love it too!

ONE: Promotes a Healthy Heart.

Aerobic activity improves heart health and can help prevent things like disease and high blood pressure. Hop on a bike and let's get that heart pumping' this week!

TWO: Reduces Stress.

Elle Woods said it best: "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy."

THREE: There's an Awesome Community.

There is something euphoric about riding to the beat of the music together.

Plus, have you guys seen YOU lately? You show up, you celebrate each other and you look good doing it. That's the type of community we're honored to be part of!

FOUR: You Get a Full Body Workout.

In addition to feeling the burn in your legs, each class format works your core and arms too!

PS: Have you been to a Basics class lately? Join us on Saturday at 11:30AM to brush up on your fundamentals and check in on your form to maximize your workouts.

FIVE: Builds Mental Strength.

The variety of choreography that we teach pushes you both mentally and physically. Stay sharp by clipping in with consistency.

Ready to ride? Book now!


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